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Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
formerly (New York City Swing)

5 out of 5 Stars on "WEDDINGWIRE"
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing wedding wire review
Mari Entertainment NY (formerly new york city swing) performance image

"This band is the absolute BEST band, hands down, no questions asked!! After the wedding, I had so many people come up to me and ask me for the band information. They were truly spectacular! It felt like our own private concert!! We had music from so many different genres and they were executed brilliantly! Book this band, book this band, book this band!!"

~ Amanda Fryd

Our Story



MARI ENTERTAINMENT NY (formerly known as NYC Swing) is one of the leading companies in world class entertainment on the East Coast, specializing in the full range of dance music through all eras. With 40+ years of providing unparalleled service under the fearless leadership of the late, great creator of New York City Swing; master trumpeter, Dore DeQuattro, Mari Entertainment continues to provide the same level of excellence and remains one of the most sought after, premier wedding & events companies in the industry. We are the preferred vendor of some of the top catering halls in the tri-state area. Our unparalleled versatility, skill and world class musicians make us the Gold-Standard in LIVE entertainment. 


Under New York City Swing, we have performed for such notable clients as: 

Michael Eisner • Oprah Winfrey • Ted Turner •

Presidential Inaugural events for George Bush and Bill Clinton


Some of our wedding clients include:

NYC governor David Paterson • Jamie-Lynn Sigler • Sumner Redstone • David Koch,

The children of Rupert Murdoch • Bruce Beck • Gerald Levin


We’ve performed annually at the Heisman Trophy Award Dinners, honoring the recipient and some of the NFL’s greatest present and retired star players since 2002. 


Mari Entertainment is home to a group of world class, versatile musicians that have collectively worked with musical, cultural, and theatrical icons in nearly every genre.  Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:


Aretha Franklin • Stevie Wonder • Mary J. Blige • Brian May • Joe Scarborough •

Darlene Love • Missy Elliot • JODECI • Dionne Warwick • 

Sting • Lynyrd Skynyrd • Boston • Aerosmith • Garth Brooks • Bon Jovi •

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra • Numerous Broadway Shows • 

Howard Stern & Pig Vomit • Tevin Campbell • Natalie Cole • Patti LaBelle •

Kool & The Gang • Christina Aguilera • Bob Newhart 



With a collective experience that transcends generations, MARI ENTERTAINMENT NY can authentically deliver any genre,  style, or sound.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a song list?
    Yes! We have an extensive song list that is offered upon request. You may use it to choose songs you’d like to hear or highlight your "do not plays." Your suggestions are surely welcomed.
  • Do you take special song requests that aren’t on your list?
    Yes! If we do not know your special song, we will gladly learn it and add it to our ever evolving and growing repertoire.
  • Do you provide ceremony and cocktail music?
    Yes! We offer this service exclusively at the location where the main event is taking place.
  • Which particular musicians do you use for ceremony and cocktail?
    The selection of musical instruments depends on the specific song chosen for your ceremony. During the cocktail hour, you can opt for our classic Jazz trio, which provides easy going, fun and enjoyable background music. We also offer our strings or Caribbean units for an additional fee.
  • What time does the band arrive?
    Our sound techs are usually the first to arrive, often before both the couple and their guests to the venue. They typically arrive between 12 pm and 2 pm to ensure everything is set up seamlessly, regardless of the reception's start time. We understand the importance of flexibility and are more than willing to accommodate your specific requirements. Additionally, our musicians are guaranteed to be on-site at least one hour before their scheduled performance time.
  • Do you provide lighting?
    Yes! We provide lighting at an additional charge.
  • Does Mari Entertainment NY travel?
    Yes! We travel. And we bring the party with us!
  • Can we go see Mari Entertainment NY perform live?
    Mari Entertainment NY performs LIVE showcases bi-monthly. Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay updated on our events and performances.
  • What attire does the band wear?
    Men wear tuxedos and women wear gowns or cocktail dresses unless a different type of attire is requested.
  • Does Mari Entertainment accommodate various cultural weddings, including music in different languages?
    While we aren't specialists in cultural weddings, we have a small repertoire of songs from various cultures. We're also happy to learn requested songs for different cultural groups, including those in different languages. Our top priority is ensuring the authenticity of your musical preferences!
  • Will you handle announcements and MC the event?
    Yes! With pleasure and personality, while keeping the focus on the honorees.
  • How much does a booking cost?
    At Mari Entertainment NY, we believe in providing personalized pricing that reflects the unique aspects of your wedding or event. The fun part of working with us is individualizing your special day or event, tailored to your personal vision. To offer you the most accurate quote, our team will ask key questions to understand your preferences and requirements thoroughly. Contact us at to discuss your dream playlist!
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes, a 10% deposit and signed contract are required to hold your date.
  • When is the balance due?
    The balance is due two weeks prior to your event, around the same time as your last meeting. As always, our team is on hand to answer any questions or clarify any concerns at any time.
  • What are the methods of payment?
    Our payment methods include: Zelle, ACH transfers, cashier’s check, or good old-fashioned personal check, as long as it’s received in time to clear before the day of your event.
  • Is tipping required?
    Tipping is optional, though greatly appreciated!
  • What is a suggested tipping amount?
    A customary tip is typically 10% of the total, or about $50 to $100 per piece. However, we'd like to emphasize that tipping is solely at the discretion of the client.
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